Once you’ve learned about crowdfunding with core-intelligence, it’s important to also understand more about the feature in the context of eVest Tech’s Private Label platform.



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Hi I’m Dan Summers. I’m the CEO and founder of RealtyeVest and eVest Technologies.

Today I want to take a moment of your time and discuss our core intelligence tool.

“Predictive Analysis Platform”


Its basically our Predictive Analysis Platform whereas we have drafted algorithms to reach up into certain designated API’s, both private and open, and we draw about date into our database, and for them we correlated at our engine level.

Its basically the quantitative analysis to generate an outcome.

So, the outcome is generated as a result of the correlation then we illustrate that at our site as graphs, scores, and even valuations.

So, in the event you’re interested in more information feel free to go to eVestTech.com, reach out to me via email or call me directly.

Thank you again.



The eVest Private Label is a software-as-a service (SaaS) technology platform designed specifically for aggressive capital raising and investor management. Additionally, a Core Intelligence tool has been designed and developed to lend “machine-learning” to aid sponsors with developing real estate and socio-economic trends to their offerings.

Using this benefit, investors can more easily and cost-effectively track, manage and communicate the performance of their portfolios. By having a license of use, the user also has the added benefit of having access to a myriad of benefits that result in a more sophisticated deal flow, and they are given the ability to fully integrate the software into their brand- making for an even more seamless user experience.


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About the Author

Dan Summers

Dan is the Founder and CEO of eVest Technology.

During his 30-plus-year career in real estate, Summers has been instrumental in some of the nation’s largest real estate transactions. Having spent decades interfacing with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, CBS, Westinghouse and Bank of Boston, among others, Summers has built a national reputation for integrity, honesty and transparency.

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