Acre Holdings, LLC, is arranging for the acquisition of undivided real estate interests in the above property by a limited number of investors. The property consists of 125 acres in Weedsport, NY, of which only 30% have been developed.

There are 362 existing RV sites with expansion plans for more sites, a restaurant, and 24 boat/jet ski slips with room to add another 20. The listing price was $3,199,000 but purchase price was negotiated to $2,800,000.

Acre Holdings is seeking a total investment of $1,025,000 (covers 30% down payment, closing costs, some expansion and renovation). Cash flow distributions are made monthly.

Targeted ROI: 28%
IRR:  43%

What to keep in mind according to the RV Industry Association:

  • RV ownership has reached record levels.
  • Population and demographic trends favor long-term RV market growth.
  • Baby boomers entering retirement.

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