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This new Industry no longer requires formal PPM’s or discretionary marketing. The floodgates have opened to general solicitation through digital technology. The big question is; how does one embrace this new opportunity without a team of software engineers? eVest Technology is the answer. eVest has developed an OPO, a private label platform that comprehensively automates the marketing-through-funding process for CRE professional’s projects. eVest Technology, a forward looking and visionary firm, has even developed and integrated
Because eVest Technology partners with a powerful & successful crowdfunding company (RealtyeVest), our users are able to take advantage of several marketing resources. As a result of successfully marketing our brand, we know how to drive digital traffic. Our Clients will not only have their deals posted on RealtyeVest, which has over 5,000 viewers each month, but they will also have the ability to access the growing RealtyeVest investor data base of 15,000.   .
Once you’ve learned about crowdfunding with core-intelligence, it’s important to also understand more about the feature in the context of eVest Tech’s Private Label platform. .   Video Transcript   Hi I’m Dan Summers. I’m the CEO and founder of RealtyeVest and eVest Technologies. Today I want to take a moment of your time and discuss our core intelligence tool. “Predictive Analysis Platform”   Its basically our Predictive Analysis Platform whereas we have drafted algorithms to
In a recent article by Min Suh about how Cloud-Based Software is Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate Underwriting, Suh places insight into the current state of the real-estate industry as a whole, and the context for where technology fits into the ever changing environment of commercial real-estate. Whilst no one can argue against the lucrative nature of the industry, everyone senses a change in the air. It’s a mix of pressure from other industries, and migration
The JOBS Act of 2012 was a momentous event. President Obama opened the floodgates for the general solicitation of securities; specifically, real estate securities. In an unprecedented and unanticipated fashion, crowdfunding exploded onto the real estate scene. With this cash infusion, Millennials migrated to the industry with little or no knowledge of real estate but were armed with code writing, web site design, SEO and PPC marketing talent. A few adapted to the needs of the industry