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The complete guide to Opportunity Zones

The Complete Guide To Opportunity Zones

Posted by Dan Summers on  March 6, 2020
Category: Best Practices
So you want to invest in an Opportunity Zone but you don’t know where they are? Are you worried about the reporting headache? As a partner for real estate investors across the US, we are frequently asked about the best way to manage Opportunity Zone investments, so we produced this guide to answer your questions. What is an Opportunity Zone? The Opportunity Zone incentive was enacted by Congress in 2017 as part of the 2017
Hillwood Manor is a 64 unit apartment complex situated on 5.38 acres in Obion County, TN in the well desired neighborhood of Peasant Valley. The apartments are well maintained and have received several upgrades over the past few years. Approximately 57,284 SF, the property is nearly 100% leased with a waiting list.Royal Acres Investments is seeking to fully capture the value this property provides to tenants by making the following adjustments to the current operation: Adjust

This Week’s Marketplace Spotlight: Bright Star Scientific

Posted by Dan Summers on  February 6, 2020
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Category: Spotlight
Bright Star Scientific LLC is raising funds to purchase a biomass processing machine and open a processing facility. The machine, The Hemp Gobbler, is a low cost, easy to operate, patent-pending “Swiss Army Knife Type” BioMass Modular Processing System. It has been designed and tested and will be used for the conversion of approximately two tons per day. 20% interest rate on your loaned amount. Fully amortized repayment over 24-month term with opportunity for early

This Week’s eVest Spotlight: Aggregated Hemp Laboratories

Posted by Dan Summers on  January 24, 2020
Category: AI
Aggregated Hemp Laboratories is a close-knit team of highly experienced & qualified managers, scientists, growers/farmers, engineers, and marketing/distribution professionals. They’ve been registered in Montana since 2018 to commercialize a vertically integrated hemp to by-products operation. 30% interest on the invested amounts will be returned to investors through AgHL Phase I, LP’s capital account, and additional returns from 20% of the earnings will also be paid through the capital account, until investors have received three times their initial
One of the best reasons for choosing eVest Technology for your syndication needs is due to the ease at which the business operations and communications are carried out seamlessly for you. eVest offers another remarkable service for their clients; no more worries about PPMs. For investors and readers who are not familiar with the term, let me tell you about this antiquated, and costly legal document called a PPM (Private Placement Memorandum). A PPM is