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You don’t need decades of experience to realize our general economy is cratering, unemployment is at depression levels and pandemonium reigns in the street. Social injustice, political upheaval like never seen before, higher education opening and closing within weeks and an uncontrollable pandemic growing exponentially daily is our new norm (for now). Unemployed parents can’t afford to feed their kids without school and schools can’t open without the threat of kids taking the disease home
There is no doubt that the rapid globalization and expansion of real estate portfolios has considerably increased the volume of data that you have to interact with as a property manager or owner. Also, keep in mind that managing cross-border holdings, currencies, tax jurisdictions, and transactions are routine and something you should expect. This is why producing expected returns in this competitive environment requires a lot more than active management of your expenses and revenue
Did you know that most real estate partnerships that look for broader participation have to follow the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regulations, which outline as well as control the process of raising finance through solicitation? The Securities Act of 1933 provides exemptions for a private placement or private offering from federal securities registration. And both public companies and private companies are increasingly using this in order to raise capital during times of market uncertainty
If you are interested in purchasing multifamily homes for investment, it is a good idea. Wondering why? This is because it is one of the best ways of making money in real estate. However, keep in mind that from finding reliable renters to making sound business decisions, managing multifamily real estate usually involves many operational tasks while delivering a slew of services to your customers every day.   The new software solutions, such as multifamily investment software, are
When you purchase a car, you get an opportunity to read safety ratings and reviews. Also, you can test drive the vehicle to make a sound decision about your purchase. Similarly, to offer investors purchasing stock and other securities, such as bonds, with a similar opportunity to make a prudent investment decision, federal securities laws in the US were enacted that mandate companies to disclose crucial financial as well as other information through the registration of