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eVest Develops a Comprehensive Digital Work-Flow Solution Following our official launch on August 27, 2018 we are excited to share that we are coming to market with our first Series A stock offering. Our digital work-flow solution was developed to raise capital and manage investors including analysis and accounting features is blowing the lid off the industry. “The world does not need another CRE software platform…. just a better one” admitted Dan Summers, CEO of
  – PRESS RELEASE –   eVest Technology Utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology for Commercial Real Estate Market Public-facing Capital Raising and Investor Management Software Suite with Exclusive Crowdfunding Capabilities Jacksonville, Florida (August 27th, 2018) — eVest Technology, an innovative commercial real estate software that automates the capital raising process, has announced the launch of their latest software development utilizing artificial intelligence. With over forty years of commercial real estate experience, founder Daniel Summers
Commercial real estate refuses to embrace modern technology. “Ancient”, analog laws have been deregulated and technology now offers opportunities one could only dream of 20 years ago. The JOBS Act of 2012 deregulated the general solicitation laws to allow for massive marketing of securities to accredited investors. Why then, does a multi-trillion-dollar industry continue to operate with excel and HP 12C’s? Pass the baton, please. Technology can be daunting, if not downright scary, for long-in-the-tooth
This new Industry no longer requires formal PPM’s or discretionary marketing. The floodgates have opened to general solicitation through digital technology. The big question is; how does one embrace this new opportunity without a team of software engineers? eVest Technology is the answer. eVest has developed an OPO, a private label platform that comprehensively automates the marketing-through-funding process for CRE professional’s projects. eVest Technology, a forward looking and visionary firm, has even developed and integrated