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Private placements likely have the potential to provide prudent investment opportunities for investors, especially long-term investors. Private placement programs can also help broaden financing options for both small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the US. If you run a business, you know that the one constant in the lifecycle of your small or medium-sized business is the requirement for a cash infusion to jumpstart sales revenue, continue to sustain corporate growth, or expand into new and
1. What is the difference between a Reg D 506 c and a 506 b offering? Reg D 506 b is the traditional method to raise capital . You can only approach friends, family and existing clients. You cannot generally solicit your offerings and you are limited to 35 investors for any singular deal. Whereas, with 506 c, you can generally solicit anyone breathing and have unlimited investors. The caveat however is the investors must
Everybody has heard it before; a picture worth a thousand words.  As technology improves, so does the marketing capabilities of technology and the various media available for promotion.  Over years, users of social media have become accustomed to the typical videos that accompany a social media posting. The best influencers and companies out there are expected to have video content to go along with their message, and for good reason; it gets people’s attention!  For
Boulder Creek Investments (BCI) has the opportunity to acquire Citadel Suites in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for $6.3 million. The property has been owned by the seller for approximately 15 years and presents deep value add components such as operational improvements and unit renovations to match resident demand.They’re planning a comprehensive remodel and rebranding for the property – starting with unit interiors and continuing to windows, exterior painting, and landscaping.  This is an attractive location in
Many investors are weighing up the new Opportunity Zones as good places to develop, and that makes sense – it is a good deal for investors with capital gains to defer. However, it’s not as simple as locating your development in a specific place. Here are three things you should understand and consider before making an Opportunity Zone Investment: 1. An Opportunity Zone Investment is a Massive Capital Gains Tax Offset Capital Gains Tax is