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For decades, real estate professionals treated acquisitions and disposition decision-making as an art form. Armed with outdated data, these professionals made their best guess on prospects before spending months securing funding. Real estate investing is a science, not an art. Today’s technology speaks to the benefits of data-backed decision-making. EVest Technology is a service provider excelling at combining the benefits of predictive analytics in acquisitions and funding. Their new Private Label product delivers cutting-edge predictive analytics with
In an age where FANG technology (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) runs the world, most real estate professionals are in the Stone Age. This is the only industry where Excel sheets are still considered to be on the bleeding edge of innovation. eVest Technology has rejected this. For real estate, the future is now. Any real estate agency that does not adopt and use the latest in technology will be left by the wayside. Their
When the real estate market is hot, good deals are snapped up quickly by those who have the financial means and the experience to recognize a good investment and act on their instincts. It’s a learned skill. Real estate advisers and novice investors alike must develop a kind of symbiotic relationship that fosters needed trust when fast action is needed. Investment firms benefit from having a pool of qualified investors who are willing to respond based