Hillwood Manor is a 64 unit apartment complex situated on 5.38 acres in Obion County, TN in the well desired neighborhood of Peasant Valley. The apartments are well maintained and have received several upgrades over the past few years. Approximately 57,284 SF, the property is nearly 100% leased with a waiting list.

Royal Acres Investments is seeking to fully capture the value this property provides to tenants by making the following adjustments to the current operation: 

Adjust rents to market ratesSatisfy demand by allowing petsOffer rentable on-sight storage spaceAdd rental application fees
This Hillwood Manor offering provides investors competitive cash flows and infinite returns. This offering is expected to yield 11% annual returns with an 8% preferred return on investment with average Net Operating Income (NOI) of approximately $271,000 over the next five years. Returns of all invested capital are expected after 7 years.

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