ARIAM in partnership with The Reliance Solutions Group has the opportunity to acquire Hamilton Pines (“Hamilton”) in Chattanooga, TN for $2.75 million. The property was acquired for $1.7 million by the Seller in 2018, who has spent approximately $350k in capital renovating the property since acquisition. 

To date, the seller has renovated 31 of 56 units, replaced all roofs, mailboxes and renovated the onsite laundry facility. We’re budgeting $475,000 ($8,482/unit) to renovate the balance of the units and add amenities such as a playground, dog bark and gazebo/grilling area. In place rents are currently $579 on average, while the market supports rents north of $760.

Raise Amount:  $978,375
IRR:   19%

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About the Author

Dan Summers

Dan is the Founder and CEO of eVest Technology.

During his 30-plus-year career in real estate, Summers has been instrumental in some of the nation’s largest real estate transactions. Having spent decades interfacing with Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, CBS, Westinghouse and Bank of Boston, among others, Summers has built a national reputation for integrity, honesty and transparency.

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